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Review: Dark Magic (J. Tanner)

February 5, 2019



I officially have a beef with this series. With both books, I have started them with the intention of, I don't know, putting them down to go to sleep at some point? And then I wind up reading the entire thing in one sitting, falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning, and then my head and my heart argue for the rest of the day about whether or not I regret that choice (headache votes yes, happy heart votes no). I started this book last night around 23:00, and then tried to put it down at 75% around 40ish minutes later. Tried to go to sleep, couldn't because I wanted to finish the book, and wound up going to sleep around 00:10 this morning. 


Basically the point of me summarizing my horrible night's (morning's?) sleep is to point out that this book really captured my attention, I devoured the whole thing, and I would like #3 now please.


After the adventure that was the first book, you would think that Clay has everything under control. Unfortunately, the ZERO virus has progressed to the point of seemingly no return in the outside world, while inside the game he and his crew are faced with the difficult task of searching for the cause of the glitch that continues to plague the system. However, the game isn't going to make it so easy. When Clay and the team become ensnared in the clutches of a king preparing for war, their mission is pushed to the back burner. But even more evil has been brewing behind the scenes in ways that they never could have imagined, and now it is ready to show itself.


Obviously, by my sleep complaint above, I really loved this next installment in the series. As I mentioned in my re-review of The Chosen, my recent foray into World of Warcraft has honestly given me a new appreciation for this genre. Now it wasn't just the plot that sucked me into the novel (although it definitely did, hence the reason that I got no sleep last night (this morning?)), but also the development of the stats and levels. But, speaking of the plot... it hooked me in and just did not let go! I was totally invested in Clay's journey, to the point where I literally could not sleep until I had figured out what had happened to the crew. 


I still have the same complaint as the last book with me feeling like it was too short, just because I didn't want it to end and I wanted more! I also did feel this was more of a "bridge" book, focusing more on a secondary plot versus the main one, but I honestly didn't mind because... it was super interesting anyway!


Basically a) I liked this book a lot b) I would like the next one to come out now please and c) it was worth not sleeping to finish it.


4/5 Stars


Disclaimer: I was contacted by the author regarding a review, and was provided with an arc of the book to review. This has in no way influenced my review of, feelings towards, or opinion on this book.

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