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Review: Morning Star (P. Brown)

May 13, 2018


This series reminds me of the Robert Langdon series (which I will review eventually, I promise) in the way that each book has a similar (very similar) plot structure, conflict, and cast of characters when you think about it closely. Which is why I tried not to think about it too closely because I really enjoyed the story and didn't want to have to worry about repetitive books. This is becoming a theme with me, but ignorance is bliss... so I'm going to continue on pretending that this book isn't Red Rising with a different title. 


Morning Star starts off with Darrow in a box. A very small box (which immediately set off of my claustrophobia by the way), where he's been for months, being brutally tortured by the Jackal. Eventually Darrow is freed by the Sons of Ares, with Sevro now at the helm. The battle against the Sovereign continues, but will the Sons of Ares be able to defeat the powerful entity with a radical, revenge-bent leader?


I love this series, I really do. The world-building, is amazing, the characters are all attractive yet flawed, so they seem more relatable, and the whole concept behind this series is just so intriguing and attractive. I honestly don't know how authors come up with stories like this. This entire series is kind of like Divergent (because of the colors/factions) or the Hunger Games, but a) not a competition to the death or experiment and b) in space. I love stories in space. Heck, I love any story that isn't set in the world in which we currently live. And I know that violence is bad and I definitely don't condone it in any way, but I can't lie and say that I don't love reading about all the giant space battles. It's like Star Wars but... I actually enjoyed it. Sorry about that Star Wars fans. I was supposed to be studying calculus most of the time when I was reading this book but it was just too good to stop.


I would be lying if I said that nothing bothered me about this book though. It does bug me that all 3 books so far have had the same plot structure and conflict. There was a huge plot twist near the end of this one near the end, but it didn't get rid of the feeling that it was a recycled plot. 


I'm still reading the fourth one though.


5/5 Stars 

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