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Review: Whisper of the Tide (S. Tolcser)

May 5, 2018


Wow. This book was very, very good. So good that I was almost late today because I went to read "just a couple pages," read 54% of the book in one sitting, and then had roughly 20 minutes to shower and get ready. It is very rare that I get sucked into a book with that much force, which gives you an idea of how much I loved this book.


Caro is doing everything she can to help Markos reclaim his throne, even though it means abandoning the one thing she wants to be doing--sailing. But with tensions high and frequent assassination attempts on Markos' life, she can't leave his side even for a second. But when the choice comes down to either supporting Markos' claim to the throne or claiming him for herself, Caro must make the difficult choice between the kingdom and her heart.


The story was honestly just amazing here. At first I was an indecisive waffle because it seemed like the book was going to be 100% about romance and be super predictable but the majority of the book actually didn't have any romance and it was wonderful! It was much more action-packed and suspenseful than I suspected, which was a huge positive surprise for me. There were just all of the plot twists (like legitimately twist after twist), and although normally I would say that I'm pretty good at catching them I caught only maybe 2 or 3 in this one? So mind blown a bit there. The characters were all interesting, especially the two main antagonists, and I just couldn't put the book down. Hence the whole running-late thing.


So why isn't this book 5 stars? Because the major plot "twist" was a bit to predictable for me, to the point where, combined with the other little quibbles I had about predictability (which I was previously willing to overlook), I didn't think I could give it 5 stars. I honestly can't say much without spoiling it, but the twist was one of my pet peeves and almost seemed a little flat or forced, spoiling the intended effect of the twist. There were some other predictable points throughout the book, but they weren't nearly as bad as this one.


This was a great book. I read most of it in one giant chunk, was almost late, and just enjoyed the story immensely. If it wasn't for that final twist that wasn't, this would have definitely been a 5 star book for me.


I'm honestly thinking that at this point I should go back and up my rating of Song of the Current because I was able to remember who Caro and Markos were without any Googling required, which speaks to just how memorable Tolcser's characters are (read: very). And I everything that I had read came back to me within the first couple pages of this book. That almost never happens.


Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my review of, feelings towards, or opinions on this book.

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