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Review: Shadowcaster (C. Chima)

April 24, 2018


It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Cinda Williams Chima's books. I'm pretty sure her books are why I created a "favorites" shelf on Goodreads, because I needed a way to mark those books that I devoured in .2 seconds. She's an author where I would feel comfortable buying an entire series without having read any of it (and I'm cheap so that means a lot) because I trust that they will be good. It's expected that they will be good. And they always are.


Appreciation rant over. Now on to the actual review part.


After the death of her older sister, Lyss is now the heir to the Gray Wolf throne... but she would rather be out fighting in the field. When she decides to take a huge risk and take the battle to Arden, flying in the face of tradition, Lyss will risk everything, including her kingdom. With a wonderfully large cast of characters, some new and some returning, will Lyss be able to pull it off?


These reviews are always harder for me to write because how can you say specifically what made you love a book when it was literally... all of the things. Characters? They were diverse, complex, interesting, and compelling. There weren't any where I wanted to have them to take a hike or anything like that, and I was genuinely interested in their character development. There were some returning characters, and some new characters, and I loved them all. Plot? It was interesting, surprising, unpredictable, and everything that I've come to expect from Chima. There weren't really any moments where I was banging my head against a wall because it was just SO PREDICTABLE or anything like that, and I was shocked but most, if not all, of the twists. World? I think it goes without saying that Chima's worlds are amazing. I love all the details, all the descriptions, and just everything about those worlds. All of the worlds. 


My only quibble is the whole insta-love thing. I don't like it, and it's the only bone I have to pick with Chima's books. But I'm willing to overlook it for all of the positives that these books provide.


5/5 Stars


If you wish to purchase this book, Amazon has it available here.


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