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My New Leaf: Organized April

April 10, 2018

I've been trying to become more organized recently so I've decided to create an accountability system for myself reading-wise. I used to try and track this on my laptop but it never worked... so I went online and found some free printables (thanks Blogilates!), taped them to my walls (yes, they are pink. No, I didn't choose the color. I hate pink), and wrote out my goal schedule for the month of April. I've rewritten it twice already BUT I am going to stick to it this time. Mostly because I don't want to rewrite it again.


So without further ado... my new organized April.



 Right now I have two calendars, one for just reading and then one for reviews/blog posts. My review calendar is quite a bit more open than my book one, since I wanted to leave space for random post ideas like this that I get while running (everything comes while running. I just want to think about anything except how much my body hurts) and figured I could add them as I had more space. I would have combined them into one calendar but the boxes were nowhere near large enough. I also meant to color-code them based an ARC status and all that but... I forgot and I felt like I wasted way too much paper already. So I'm sticking with this for now!


 ~The Books~

 If there was a contest for who could over schedule themselves the most I would most definitely win it. In the past I have majorly over scheduled myself book-wise and then been frustrated with myself for not finishing it all, so I decided to try for a (slightly) more realistic schedule. Half of a book per day, except for really short ones or weekends when I have more time. Because I forgot to do the color coding my current ARCs are underlined, but I'm probably going to throw in a couple more this month as well just because... why not? So if anybody is interested in the books I'm reading (or rereading), you can check out my disorganized calendar with horrible lighting because those awful pink walls that I hate make it very difficult to take pictures. Also my camera isn't working properly...


  ~The Posts~

I wasn't kidding when I said that this was pretty blank... Right now I have a post scheduled for every other day because a) that was part of my April goal (which I've ruined already but hey it's never too late to start, right?) and b) I really want to have space for these random posts because I enjoy writing them. Plus they break up the review binges that I go on! The blue are all books, and the black are the random posts... which there's only one of. It's this one. But I know that I'll think up more while running (or while I'm at work... or trying to sleep...) and so hopefully that will fill out soon!


If anybody else has some organizational tips, ideas for random posts I should do, let me know!


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