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Review: Futura: A Novella (J. Phillips)

February 27, 2018


This was a bit of a depressing read for me, because I was super excited about the premise of the novella, and I started off really liking it. I love futuristic societies, and the one that this story takes place in was actually really interesting. I just couldn't convince myself to become super involved or invested in Ruby's story.


Futura: A Novella takes place in a futuristic Paris, where the city is surrounded by a dome, air taxis are a real thing (I imagined it like the Jetsons), and the Invisibles (AI) have completely taken over running every aspect of life. People have microchips in their brains, they can genetically engineer children, and no one has to work if they don't want to. Ruby, a single American woman who moved to the city with her (now ex) partner, works in the fashion industry, and is generally happy... except she really, really wants children.


My favorite parts of the book where those that focused on describing the society, the social structure, and the architecture or technology of the new Paris. The Invisibles, and their relationships with the humans, were super interesting to read about, especially since AI is becoming such a big thing that companies are interested in pursuing. I also thought it was really interesting that Paris seemed almost like a Utopia (since most of the time robots taking over = dystopia), and that for the most part, people were pretty happy. There seemed to be a lot of relationship drama, but otherwise people were pretty much content.


My main issue with the novella was that Ruby seemed solely focused on finding someone to father her child... and it didn't seem to matter to her if the father stayed around for anything other than the conception or not. She had blinders on the entire book, just trying to find someone to have a baby with her. Some of Ruby's actions were also... questionable when it comes to morals and ethics, especially when a child is involved.


I really loved the setting of the novella, and I loved the idea a futuristic Paris with AI. I just wasn't in love with the plot or the main character.


3/5 Stars


Disclaimer: I received an ebook copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This has in no way affected my review, feelings, or opinions regarding the book.

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