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Review: This Mortal Coil (E. Suvada)

February 17, 2018


Wow. This book was wonderful, but it also left me with all of the questions. Literally, all of the questions. But it also took me approximately .2 seconds to finish, which is why I changed my original rating of three stars into four stars. I (no joke) debated with myself over the rating while lying in bed because it was bugging me that much. [***I changed my mind. See statement at the very end***]


Cat is a hacker, working against the gigantic and controlling organization called Cartaxus in order to try and fight back against the people that have taken her father and destroyed her life. She's spend the last two years hacking into their systems, and hiding away from the rest of the world. But when a mysterious super soldier shows up with news of her father's death, as well as a message claiming that a vaccine for the disease that has been plaguing the human race has been developed, and it's up to Cat to find it and release it. Doing so, however, will call all that Cat knows into question, and make her wonder if anyone has ever told her the whole truth.


I feel like this book was pretty much divided into two parts. The first part I wasn't a huge fan of, just because there were a lot of either set-up scenes, or scenes that seemed super familiar to scenes in other books that I didn't really like. The second part I LOVED, except for the huge plot twist. Because there was a certain amount of logic that was missing there, and it just confused the heck out of me. I don't like being confused. Not my favorite thing in the world.


The first part of the book just seemed a little too... I don't want to say predictable, but something like that. It was fairly obvious what Cat was going to do, how she was going to act, all of that other stuff. Also, Cat 100% fit the "special snowflake" description (no one is good at everything!), and the romance triangle/smush/whatever the heck that was was just... ugh. Every scene was kind of obvious, but my anger towards that was lessened with the originality of the plague. 


Brief interlude to talk about the plague.


The plague was the most interesting thing ever. People just go kablooey randomly (which is what is on the cover. Exploding people parts. EW), and the only way to become immune is to... wait for it... eat the sick people (double ew). But if you wait too long, then it's bad because then the sick people parts inside of you go kablooey and then you go kablooey. It was singlehandedly the most interesting and disgusting thing I have read about.


The second half of the book was really interesting, because it moved super fast, the plot was good, storyline was good, I was loving it. And then we got to the "big reveal" and my feelings for this book mutated (Get it? I take no credit for this pun I stole it from someone else who is 1000% better at making puns that I am) from bounceyhouse happiness into complete and utter confusion. It just didn't make sense to me. I was sitting there, holding the book, going "...I don't think that's how it works..." and it just made me so, so sad because I was so happy until that point! And when I'm confused it just ruins the whole book for me. 


Also, a character went missing in the first couple chapters and was never talked about again. WHERE DID THEY GO? I want to know.


And now that I've written my review, I've decided I'm changing my rating back to 3 stars. I'm so indecisive.


3/5 Stars



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