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Book-Related Goals for 2018

January 15, 2018

 Featuring a peak at some of my disorganized book shelf that doesn't know what's going on in life!


I am currently procrastinating writing a review, and instead of doing something productive like finishing the review, reading my next book, or writing out a list of all the reviews I still have to finish (it's like 30 books long. It's bad.), I decided I'm going to write a post about how much I don't want to procrastinate this year. 


The irony is real.


  • Read 200 books. Obviously this is my Goodreads goal so not a huge surprise, but I'm already 3 books behind. Which is an improvement from the 4 behind I was yesterday but obviously it's not going well over here. My secret goal is to read 365 but that's definitely not happening.

  • Catch up on all of my reviews by the end of March. Which seems so far away but also I've dug myself into a hole so deep that I'm not even sure if it's night or day right now. It just looks black to me (I'm only kind of panicking right now. Just a little. *Sobs*)

  • Actually do my rereads. I've been meaning to reread some of my favorite books for like... 6 months now.... but I keep shoving them off in favor of new books. 

  • Go through my bookshelf. I have probably at least 50 books that I never plan to read again and that I don't feel any sort of attachment to, so those are going to be shuttled off in order to make room for new ones. Or, you know, the four large piles I have on top of my bookshelf now that don't have shelf-space (sorry Harry Potter).

  • Stop procrastinating with reviews! If I was actually on top of things I wouldn't be in the predicament that I am now. Hindsight is 20/20...

  • Write more "random" posts. I really like writing them but with my whole review fiasco I'm struggling to schedule time in for them. 

  • Basically don't procrastinate.

  • Take more pictures for Instagram. And for this website. I'm not a huge picture person mostly because I CAN'T GET THE CAMERA TO WORK but it's a process. I'm trying. Promise.

  • Set aside time for reading. A lot of times I get so stressed out with life that instead of reading I just lay in a puddle on the ground and then later stress about not reading and all that so I just need time to breathe. 

  • Actually do NaNoWriMo this year instead of meeting my word goal for like 3 days and then forgetting that I had it, only to remember a less than a day before the deadline. I can't write 40,000+ words in 5 hours.


Summary: Work on time management skills.


(If anyone wants to give me tips for time management or knows what random posts they would like to see, let me know!)


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