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How To Decide What Book To Read

December 16, 2017

In honor of the fact that I have now had to re-write by book schedule TWICE because I keep falling behind/picking up extra books/not following it because for someone who loves schedules I STINK at following them, I have decided to explain the wonderful process that I totally follow. Always. Cough.


  1. Figure out what books you want to read. I recommend using Goodreads and adding approximately 500 to 800 books to start out. Just, you know, to be safe.

  2. Pick a reasonable amount of books to read in two weeks. Say like, 28 or something. Because reading two (large) books a day and still having time for essays and work and reviews things like eating and sleeping and cleaning is totally reasonable.

  3. Divide number of books evenly by number of days. If necessary, use calculator because MATH IS HARD. I guess you could divide it unevenly too, but who can read 33% of a book and then just stop?! Like that's weird.

  4. Make a schedule (*squeal*). 

  5. Do not follow schedule under any circumstances.

  6. Panic because you are behind.

  7. Add 5 more books to the list because you aren't behind enough already.

  8. Panic some more.

  9. The panicking part is essential.

  10. Accept defeat and write a new schedule, but don't learn anything from your previous attempt.

  11. Do not follow schedule.

  12. Cry because you will never get all of your books read in time.

Congrats! You have now stressed yourself out completely, read none of your books, and turned yourself into a puddle of stress.


To avoid this you could write a more reasonable schedule, but who wants to do that. That would be almost... logical.


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