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Review: Wonder (R. Palacio)

December 12, 2017


Title: Wonder

Author: R.J. Palacio

Rating: 4/5 stars

Series: Wonder (Book 1)

Why?: Requested


So the last time I read Wonder was when it first came out, which was like 2012ish? I couldn't tell you why I picked it up, or what I thought of it at that time because it was 5 years ago and my memory is not nearly that good. But I was excited to read it again, especially with it's recent rise in popularity due to the movie coming out (I've seen the trailers, and it looks good, but I haven't actually seen the movie itself).


My main overwhelming thought it that I love Auggie. He was so funny, sarcastic, and overwhelmingly positive. A lot of his lines when he was joking with other people made me laugh, and his honestly/sarcasm really spoke volumes about his character. He had such an amazing personality, and it was so hard to read about all the characters judging him from afar, never getting to know him.


I hated how mean people were in this book to Auggie, and the sad part is that people really do act this way towards others that they do not know. People can be insanely quick to judge based on appearance, only to realize later that they were completely off-base, and missed out on interacting with a great person. I don't want to be too specific because of spoilers, but I liked how this message started to get through to other people, and they realized how awful it was that they were judging Auggie based on his looks, and never let him show his personality.


I was a huge fan of the multiple POVs in this story, excluding Justin's. I felt like it didn't add as much to the story as the other POVs, and the lack of punctuation/grammar really bothered me. Otherwise, I felt like everyone's chapters helped with gaining perspective, and it was actually easier to see character development because of it. Also I like multiple POVs, although not normally as many as there were in this novel (I think there were like 6ish?), so it was a great change to see someone write lots of POVs with individual voices.


My eBook copy/thingy actually came with The Julian Chapter which is apparently a separate novella/short story? Not entirely sure but I'm going to include some stuff about that too because it was part of the copy that I read AND I think it's kind of important.


Julian's parents were awful. They were super quick to blame everybody else for everything that happened to Julian, they blamed things that made them uncomfortable on Julian, and just went around in general acting like everybody should bow to their every wish and will. I think that kind of helped put Julian's actions into perspective (not that his actions were okay under any circumstances, I'm definitely not trying to excuse what he did at all). His parents told him so many times that he was the victim, and so I think it was hard for him to see what an awful person he was being sometimes.


Overall this was a really good book, and although I'm not normally a fan of books that are on the more positive end of things (not exactly sure how to describe what I'm saying, but I don't think it's too revealing (but I'll say possible spoiler ahead anyway) to say that this book is one of those with an ending where everyone is happy and together and all problems are solved. I don't normally like those that much) but I did really enjoy reading this. I think it's more of a middle-grade type book than young adult, but I didn't mind at all. It's a quick read, and I would definitely recommend it.



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