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Review: The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue (M. Lee)

December 11, 2017


Title: The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue

Author: Mackenzi Lee

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Series: Guide (Book 1)

Why?: On TBR, stole off new books display in library


So this book is not a super-typical read for me. Generally I tend to stay solidly on the side of the line that involves dragons and ancient gods and magic and all that jazz. More realistic-type novels with some magical elements are on the other half of the library, which I generally stay away from unless I have to go get a book for somebody or pull books for display or something like that. Basically what I'm saying is that I don't typically read books like this because a) it involves walking and b) I would have to venture out of my comfort zone, which is a very comfortable box with plenty of science fiction/fantasy books, blankets, and a laptop so I'm good (although the wifi could use some improving but that's a story for another day). But it's been on my TBR since... idk when actually my app says 13 days ago but that feels wrong. Long story short, I saw this book on the new books display, I decided to knock it off my TBR, and I am really glad I picked it up. Even if Henry Montague was an awful role model (I had A LOT of people ask me if it was some guide to acting like a gentleman. I would not recommend following in Monty's footsteps, as you will probably end up in jail or something like that.)


So I'm going to start with the bone that I have to pick: Monty. He was just... not very likable, at least in my opinion. Yes, he was funny and sassy, but sometimes he was as thick as a brick wall, and he could be really horrible at times. Like he would go around wreaking havoc and then just be totally whatever about it. And I understand some of his motivations behind it, and why he did some of what he did, but the other parts I was just sitting there going "how on Earth did you possibly think this was a good idea?!" HOWEVER. No one had any problem telling Monty how idiotic he was being, at once they did he actually worked towards being a decent person. I really enjoyed this, since it wasn't like "horrible person magically becomes better." He recognized the fact that he could be awful at times and actively worked to become a better person. So props to him there.


That little irritation aside, I really liked the book! It was a tad confusing at times, but I generally could re-orient myself within a couple of pages. There was sailing, and pirates, and betrayals, and ugh I loved it. I especially loved several of the twists throughout the novel, which I can't reveal because spoilers. My favorite character was actually probably Felicity though, mostly because while everyone else sees blood and promptly finds something else to be extremely interested, she knows exactly what to do. Also she kinda helped balance out Monty's tendency to be headstrong with her rationale and level-headedness. 


If you are looking for a fun, interesting read, this book is for you. It's got some pretty great character development, some surprising twists and turns, and the teensiest-tiniest bit of magic thrown in there for good measure. And there is a second one theoretically coming out on 2018 so... happy reading! Unfortunately I have to wait until October for it :( BUT it's going to be narrated by Felicity! 

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