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Review: Zeros (C. Wendig)

September 6, 2017


Title: Zeros
Author: Chuck Wendig
Rating: 3/5 Stars
Series: N/A

This was actually a pleasant surprise! After reading Wendig's other series I was kinda hesitant to pick this book up because what if I had to drag myself through it like I did Miriam Black... I'm not sure I would have made it! But this book, even though it was kinda confusing, was actually pretty interesting! I blew through it, I didn't even have that much time to read today but I managed to finish the entire thing!

But first, my favorite quote of the entire book:

"'You want media access?' Hollis says. 'Read a book. Books: the original TV shows.'"

(Yes Hollis, yes. I agree. Yes.)

+ Computers and hacking. I've always had a tiny secret dream of being some super hacker for the government or something (so a good-guy hacker I guess) but I stink at programming for one and also my eyesight is bad enough without staring at computers 24/7. Anyway it was really fun reading about all of the hacking and all of the skills and ooo I was a very happy bookworm. (This explanation makes no sense but I don't care)
+ Mystery and suspense and crazy stuff like that which I normally hate because it's totally predictable half of the time but this was actually awesome and I was surprised and it was cool!
+ I liked how every character had a fully-explained backstory that made it easier to understand why they all acted the way that they did, instead of it just being like they act like that because it's "just who they are" like reasons are wonderful things...
+ The main plot twist was predictable yet so unpredictable... Like I guessed what Typhon was but I also didn't guess how it was. If that makes any sense at all...

- Reagan was a really well-written character, but her actions were just despicable, especially at the beginning of the book. I just hated her so much which might have been the point but ugh I wanted to throw the book against a wall while reading some of her parts...
- I'm still confused how we got from the whole end scene (at the end of the book) to the scene at the beginning of the book I feel like I missed some crucial detail and so there was no pretty bow for me at the end just a bunch of loose strings and a confused me
- People don't ever seem to die in this book. Ever.
- The plot seemed to move a little too quickly at parts, which meant that I was left behind. Again.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book, I definitely don't regret reading it. As a warning, there are some pretty gory descriptions in this book, a decent amount of vulgar language, and some *stuff* that younger readers shouldn't be exposed to (also a reminder as to why I should actually read the reviews of books I pick up to read because here I am all shocked that this is in there and it's an answered question on Goodreads...) but for appropriate audiences it really is a fast-paced, action-packed read.

Just wish the ending had been a ton clearer...

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